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Are You Ready to Work Online and Travel as a Power Couple?

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It’s a theme that seems to be popping up everywhere you look right? Your Facebook feed, your Instagram feed, YouTube videos and now even on your TV! It really kicked off with the "follow me" shots by photographer Murad Osmann, holding his girlfriend's hand all around the world. But now, it’s not just about couples travelling, it’s all about couples who travel and work together.

Our initial thoughts were always (in this order) “how do they do it? Why are they
doing it?” And finally, “that MUST affect their relationship!” We’ve been travelling and working together for over 2 years now. We’ve written all about the ups and downs of travelling together. Now, we want to talk about why it’s been so effective for us, and why we have no plans of changing our lifestyle anytime soon! It might just help you find out whether you are ready to work online and travel as a power couple.

Divide and conquer

Working in an office doesn't always mean you are working in a team. Whether it’s occasionally at home in your PJs or in the office, you have a job and you need to get it done. If you’re lucky enough to work in an excellent team who you get on with and share the workload, amazing! But first and foremost, you have to look out for yourself.

Working together with someone you connect with and understand, instantly meant we adopted a divide and conquer mentality. We recognised what the other one is good at. Even if we only have one task, we can usually find a way to split it to ensure we get the work done well, and as quickly as possible.

Available 100% of the time!

One key point about working as you travel, is considering the timezones of people you are working with/for. For example, in Taiwan, we frolicked around during the day, but late afternoon, we would start some work and get in touch with people back home when they were waking up in their European time zone.

When you need an extra hand or you might be busy on something else, you can always call on your partner for help! You don’t have to factor in getting in touch with your manager, getting feedback for one tiny bit of information. When you need something, we are always there to get in done, dusted and to get it out there. This works for both our personal work as well as work for external clients. Less time faffing, more time doing!

Two opinions instead of one

Too many cooks definitely spoils the broth, but two voices are always better than one! When getting work done, writing, designing, or even just brainstorming, having a second opinion helps us to perfect our work.

You can't always see your mistakes and rectify them alone, we always recommend showing a new idea to multiple people, regardless of whether you have a partner or not. We always let each other know if something doesn’t look good, flow right or is straying too far from the original point. When blogging or creating, this helps us appeal to a broader audience. This can be brutal, but taking constructive criticism is a necessity!

Compatible skills

Work online and travel as a couple

One thing to note is that it does help HEAPS that we have compatible skills. Before taking this step to work online together, we realised our passions and skills had crossed paths in the past and our individual skills can definitely help us in the future.

That’s not to say that just because you don’t have the skills now, you can’t learn them later to fill in the gaps. In fact, a lot of what we do, we have had to learn ourselves along the way.

At the end of the day...

If you’ve ever thought about of teaming up to work online and travel as a power couple, give it a go! It might not be for you, but it may also open doors of working in a way that you never thought was possible. Unless you try, you will never know, right?!

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