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How to Stay Connected While Travelling

According to the US Department of Labor, over the last 5 years there has been a 50% increase in companies that have the majority of their teams working remotely! Our team works remotely, we have given up the 9 to 5 office-lifestyle for co-working spaces and cafés around the world. As our team grows and develops, we have found ways to stay better connected while travelling with new technology that is available to us.

When you picture someone ‘working remotely’, you might imagine a nomad with a laptop in a beachside or airport café somewhere. While these wonderful spaces can be magical pockets of productivity and job satisfaction, it is often extremely difficult to remain productive without being well connected.

That’s why VoIP communication providers, such as VirtualPBX, are helping more and more businesses and individuals everyday. PBX services answer a common problem that many location independent entrepreneurs and digital nomads face; travelling while continuing to maintain a high standard of communication with remote teams and clients worldwide.

So, how do we stay connected while travelling?

Working while travelling can come with its challenges, the biggest one for us is making sure we don’t miss any calls on-the-go. We need to be able to work from anywhere while retaining a 100% guarantee that our clients can contact us at a time that suits them.

With VirtualPBX, we can harness a professional, fully automated VoIP system with dynamic voicemail boxes and call routing solutions that ensure we can continue to travel and work, while remaining contactable at all times.

VirtualPBX’s free downloadable Softphone App can also turn any computer device or phone, into a seamless VoIP extension with myriads of innovative features. “Follow Me Calling” allows you to seamlessly redirect inbound calls to any of your devices, so you never miss a call again! You can configure your extension to try calling your desk phone, then your business mobile, then your iPad or computer device, all in one connection. All the caller needs to do is dial your extension and VirtualPBX will find you, wherever you are!

We are a team of digital nomads, working remotely is our secret to staying competively creative, open-minded and resourceful. We love our work but also value the time we have to explore our ever-changing environments. Using VoIP systems such as VirtualPBX make this possible while keeping our business fully functional with a competitive edge.

VirtualPBX VoIP Provider of Choice for Digital Nomads
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