7 Tips on How to Become a Digital Marketer

Are you looking to move into the digital marketing industry? If so, it’s the perfect time. Research has indicated that the digital economy is growing many times over the rate of traditional economy, meaning that there will soon be an unmet demand for digital marketing employees.

We talk a lot about how to become a digital nomad but we also want to delve into the finer details of the industry that surrounds it. Digital marketing is by far the most accessible and transferable services to offer as a digital nomad, hoping to work from anywhere. When working online, offering digital services, all you really need is a stable Wi-Fi connection and a laptop.

If you’re ready to get started on your digital marketing career, take a look at the following tips!

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This industry may be growing fast and demanding more workers, but it is certainly still incredibly competitive. Companies will be a lot more drawn to candidates who are enthusiastic about getting into the industry than those who are just in it for a salary. You need passion to excel at digital marketing – make sure you show it.


If you just learned yesterday’s news today, you’re already too late. Stay on top by following digital marketing sites and blogs, and even influential people. At the slightest sign of change, make sure you know what’s going on and consider the implications of those changes. The digital landscape is already fast-paced – make sure you can keep up.


I’m not just talking about social media. By being around people who are better, smarter, and further along in their careers, you will learn a lot. They will be there to teach you what they’ve learned along the way, and support you when you stumble. Also, one of them just might be the key to your new job.

If you haven’t built a network in the industry yet, go to industry events, workshops, and conferences and learn something to grow your skill set while meeting new people.


In such a complex industry, there is no right and wrong answer. Rather than accepting someone else’s opinion without considering the shifting of factors, go and find out yourself. Oftentimes, you’ll find that a mix between two seemingly contrasting techniques can yield the best results.

Each digital marketer should have a positive attitude towards learning and be able to take initiative to figure things out on their own. Don’t know if a certain SEO technique is effective? Test it out! If it works, great! If it doesn’t, then you will have determined a way that is ineffective.


Digital marketing definitely has its own terminology. Don’t be that person with the blank look on your face when someone mentions SEM or PPC. You should be able to discuss and evaluate digital marketing campaigns, throwing in terms without hesitation. Knowing the industry jargon is important, and not knowing it may just indicate that you aren’t ready to get your foot in the door.


Want to prove that you can build a brand? Build yourself up as a brand, first. It’s a great way to prove to potential employers that you can make their companies visible online. Who knows? It may end up being the deciding factor between two frontrunners.


Oftentimes, people see digital marketers as chic and business savvy individuals who get paid to spend the entire day on social media. In reality, digital marketers spend a lot of time on technical things. You may have to describe your client’s website vision in detail to a website developer, or ask them to tweak certain things to make for more visibility. You may have to discuss the SEO strategy with the agency and figure out what combination of techniques will work the best.

There are a lot of additional skills that will come in handy when entering the digital marketing workforce. If you want to give yourself an edge, learn a bit about website development, or UX/UI design. Make sure you know how SEO campaigns work, and the difference between organic and paid traffic. Get nerdy about the industry.


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